Nottingham Falls
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Nottingham Falls

About the Work

Nottingham Falls creates a celebratory park entrance and a place for neighbors to gather. The artwork raises the visibility of the City of Cleveland Division of Water and fosters a greater appreciation for our water supply.

Designed by New York artist Matthew Geller, the installation that extends from Nottingham Road to R. J. Taylor Park creates a new main entrance for the park. A 150-foot labyrinthine of light blue water pipes zigzag through the site. Large water valves, gauges, gaskets and pumps like those found in a city water pump station adorn the pipes. Four nontraditional semi-circular “porch” swings hang from the overhead water pipes. 

Creative Team

Matthew Geller -

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R.J. Taylor Park along Nottingham Road, S. Euclid
Cleveland, OH 44110

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