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About the Work

MetroHealth’s Innovative Arts in Medicine program is improving patient, visitor, and staff experience through visual art, music, the arts therapies, performances, and exhibits. MetroHealth has partnered with LAND studio to curate intentional art installations in waiting rooms, lobbies, and patient care rooms throughout their facilities. The new artwork aligns with the visual art program’s themes of hope, healing, and community.

Working with the Office of Patient Experience, LAND has curated artwork and commissioned new installations by local, regional, national, and international artists. LAND has worked with 60 artists resulting in over 200 artworks for a new Critical Care Pavilion, a new health surgery center in Brecksville, and smaller areas on the main campus and in neighborhood facilities in Crocker Park, Brunswick, and Lyndhurst. At the end of 2017, LAND installed 110 artworks of 26 artists in the new hospital wings of the Cleveland Heights and Parma locations.

LAND studio and MetroHealth are partnered until 2018 to expand this project.

Creative Team

Aaron Koehn -

Aaron Troyer -

Amy Casey -

Amy Sinbondit -

Anastasia Savinova -

Andrea Joki -

Angelo Merendino -

Anne Kibbe

Bonnie Dolin

Brittany Graham -

Brooke Figer

Camilla Perkins -

Carly Utegg -

Christine Mauersberger -

Cori Williams

Corrie Slawson -

Damien Davis -

Darius Steward -
Cleveland, Ohio

Dave Koen

Deb Lawrence

Elizabeth Emery -

Eva Bovenzi -

Freddie Styles

Gabrielle Raaff -

Grace Summaned -

Haley Litzinger -

Helena Wurzel -

Hildur Jónsson -

Hui-Chu Ying

Jacob Koestler -

Jean Mason -

Jeff Downie -

Jeff Jones

Jen Craun -

Jenny Odell -

Jessica Pinksy -

Joseph Minek -

Joseph Holmes -

Julia Van Wagenen -

Kate Snow -

Katie Ford

Kaveri Raina -

Kelly Dietrick

Laura Wimbels -

Lauren Herzak-Bauman -

Lauren Yeager -

Linda Ayala -

Lisa Schonberg -

Liz Maugans -

Lola Rose Thompson -

M. Gentile -
Framing Company

Madeline Trait -

Mark Dorf -

Mason Milani -

Matthew Korbel-Bowers -

Matthias Jung -

Mimi Kato -

Nicole Schneider

Niels Kalk -

Pamela Pecchio -

Paul Octavious -

Peter Larson -
Cleveland, OH

Santiago Ascui -

Sara Hoover

Sarah Curry -

Scott Stills

Tony Ingrisano -

Wendy Partridge

Yao Cheng -

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