Mayfield Road Red Line Station
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Mayfield Road Red Line Station

Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Tom Hubbard designed Bike Rack Tom Hubbard designed Bike Rack Photo Credit : Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Little Italy - University Circle RTA signage Mayfield Road Station Rendering Mayfield Road Station Rendering Current location Implantation phase of the Terrazzo flooring

About the Work

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has begun constructing the new $9 million rail station in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood. The station will be located atop a series of five elevated freight and passenger railroad lines that, for more than 70 years, have separated Little Italy from University Circle, northeast Ohio’s premier educational and cultural district and the regions fastest growing employment center. The station design is being led by local architecture firm City Architecture. LAND studio was engaged in the project to develop a public art program for the station and to commission artists whose work will be integrated into the new building.

The station’s design features an open-air entryway beneath the bridge that blends the streetscape and station into a new and unusual public space. Additionally, transit riders and neighborhood residents coming to the station or walking between the two neighborhoods must walk beneath what is currently a dark and uninviting series of railroad overpasses.

LAND studio has engaged four artists in the design elements of the project, which include Gabriella Mileti, Jennifer Cecere, Leni Schwendinger, and Susie Frazier.

Creative Team

Gabriella Mileti

Jennifer Cecere -

Leni Schwendinger -

Susie Frazier Mueller -


E. 120th St. and Mayfield Rd. in Little Italy
Cleveland, OH 44106

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