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About the Work

On December 2, 2003, the LUMINOCITY: Art & Technology Igniting Cleveland project awakened Lower Euclid Avenue with light, lectures, and performances.

The project’s most visible component was the 5-week installation by internationally recognized producers, artists, and lighting designers Lucette de Rugy (Arts Opera Promotions – Paris, France) and Friedrich Foerster + Sabine Weissinger (Casa Magica -- Tubingen, Germany). The team has perfected a technique of projecting light images of incredible saturation and accuracy, transforming urban spaces into magical creations unique to artistic lighting. The illuminated building engulfed the intersection with visual expressions of technology, experimentation, and possibility.

The Trust Building was opened to the public for the month of December 2003 for the first time since its closing in 1997. Free programs, including historical and technology lectures, music and dance performances, and general architectural appreciation opportunities, brought more than 2,500 people to downtown to celebrate Cleveland’s history, culture, creativity, and innovation.

In addition to the lighting, The Cleveland Museum of Art programmed the interior rotunda with music, dance, and lectures. At noontime and in the evenings the general public had free access to view both the CMA events and the wonderful architecture of the interior lobby.

How It Started

Since 1908, the Cleveland Trust building has stood as a symbol of Cleveland’s progressive economic, social, and philanthropic ideals. For nearly a decade, however, the structure sat dormant. In December 2003, LAND studio Cleveland in collaboration with The Cleveland Museum of Art, Case Western Reserve University, and OneCleveland, LUMINOCITY brought an internationally renowned lighting design team, ArtLumiere (Paris) and Casa Magica (Tübingen, Germany), to the transformation of the exterior of the Cleveland Trust Building on the corner of East 9th Street and Euclid Avenue.


Three large projectors projected light images onto the Cleveland Trust building.


Cleveland Trust Building on the corner of E. 9th S
Cleveland, OH 44115

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