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Ludlow Colorfield


About the Work

Colorfield was comprised of a series of triangular poles that were painted a different color on each face. Depending on the perspective that the viewer is seeing the project from, the installation can take on a series of different looks. Colorfield is located in the Ludlow neighborhood, which is a unique and diverse community that includes both the City of Shaker Heights and the City of Cleveland within its boundaries. The community is adjacent to Shaker Square and named for the historic Ludlow School building at the heart of the neighborhood. The public art display marked the gateway in and out of Ludlow, and has added a colorful statement to this vibrant neighborhood. 

Creative Team

Mark Reigelman II -

How It Started

The Ludlow Community Association (LCA) was an integral part of community for more than 50 years.  Established by neighborhood residents with the purpose of creating and maintaining a racially integrated community, the LCA has over the many years of its existence presented public discussions, forums, panels, lectures and published materials for the education of the general public concerning community life in multi-racial neighborhoods.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the LCA and its groundbreaking work to ensure that an integrated neighborhood could thrive, the LCA was awarded a competitive grant from the City of Shaker Heights to undertake some beautification efforts within the community. As an innovative way to celebrate their neighborhood and demonstrate that Ludlow has a unique past and present, the residents decided to allocate most of their grant award ($21,000) to the creation of public art that would reinforce their community’s identity. The LCA was very interested in creating gateways to their neighborhood so that people both entering and passing by would notice the artwork and draw attention to this as a special place.
Through a call for artists, Cleveland Institute of Art graduate Mark Reigelman was selected to design and implement a project that celebrates this unique neighborhood. Mark created Colorfield, which provided an artistic gateway in and of the Ludlow neighborhood. 

Other Facts

Ludlow's strongest assets help form its unique character, and also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Within easy walking distance, residents have access to shopping, dining, schools and parks, and ample light rail and other public transportation services provide ready access to the city beyond. A mature tree canopy and pleasant sidewalks encourage walking and the intergenerational nature of this community allows for families and residents of all ages to coexist happily.


Van Aken & Onaway
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

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