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Love Lunes Over Buckeye

Damien Ware and Alan Giberson Damien Ware and his Lunes Photo Credit: Lisa DeJong Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Lisa DeJong Photo Credit: Lisa DeJong Photo Credit: Lisa DeJong Photo Credit: Lisa DeJong Photo Credit:Lisa DeJong Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Lisa DeJong Photo Credit: Lisa DeJong Concepts for the Moreland Theatre Flyer for the Celebration Damien Workshops

About the Work

“Love Lunes Over Buckeye” is a literary art project unique to the Buckeye community, combining poetry and hand-painted signage to convey a message of love, hope, and inspiration through neighborhood togetherness. The project pairs neighborhood spoken word poet Damien Ware with the visual art firm Little Jacket and sign painting artist Alan Giberson to create a series of hand-painted “Lune” poems along the Buckeye Road commercial district.  To view a visual description of the project visit here,  

Check out these inspiring messages in the Love Lunes video by New Departure Films: Video

In late-fall, early-winter 2015, Damien conducted a series of poetry workshops with John Adams High School students in order to gather community-inspired stories and imagery in the form of “Lune” poetry, an American poetic form modeled after Haiku. The Lune is a three-line poem with a syllable count of 13, which functions in the order of 5-3-5. The syllabic structure of the “Lune” forms a crescent moon and the 13-syllable count symbolizes the 13 lunar months in a year.

The theme of Mr. Ware’s poetry centers on the five key aspects of love in modern society as explored in bell hook’s 2000 book titled “All About Love: New Visions”. These aspects are Commitment, Caring, Communication, Respect and Responsibility. From friendship to marriage, community activism to public service, love has the power to forge strong, vibrant, and lasting relationships in any type of environment. In an effort to create a culture of togetherness and love through poetic messages and symbols, “Love Lunes Over Buckeye” seeks to convey the inspiration from these five aspects of love in an effort to heal and inspire the Buckeye Neighborhood.

In creating a visual representation of each poetic statement, each “Love Lune” will be coupled with an Adinkra Symbol. A tradition of the Ashanti people out of West Africa, Adinkra symbols are visual representations that encapsulate evocative messages that convey traditional wisdom, aspects of life or the environment, social values and communal norms. With over 800 different symbols and variations, these symbols embody the soul and spirit of a people throughout many generations.

The implementation of the “Love Lunes Over Buckeye” project not only strives to cultivate a culture of communal sharing, but encourages reading and writing as a means of empowering the voice, thoughts and ideas of the community. This project emphasizes the importance of literacy, by encouraging all participants to tell their story through written and spoken word. Opportunity exists to expand this project to strategic sites throughout the Buckeye neighborhood. Programming involving spoken word poetry events, writing workshops, and other types of art activities and collaborations will provide hands-on opportunities for the community to gather, interact, and participate.

Creative Team

Alan Giberson -
Cleveland, Ohio

D.L. Woure'
D.L. Woure' is a local poet and resident of the Buckeye neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland. Woure' got serious about poetry while serving in Iraq and upon his return to Cleveland, started teaching youth about writing and poetry. Woure' is continuing his education in poetry and reciveving a master's degree in creative writing from Cleveland State University. 

Little Jacket -
Little Jacket is a brand strategy design firm, they help businesses grow, develop new products, tell their stories, and change culture. 

How It Started

“Love Lunes Over Buckeye” is a product of a collaboration between LAND studio, a Cleveland non-profit specializing in public art and civic space development, the Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation, and is funded through the generous support of the Saint Luke’s Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts. The goal of this collaboration is to create and implement public art and green space enhancements throughout the Buckeye neighborhood to better connect commercial districts, transit centers, natural resources and other neighborhood assets through art, design, programming, and resident interaction.

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11820 Buckeye Road
Cleveland, OH 44120

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Debbie Berzins-Toomey 3 years ago

I LOVE these! I see them every day while driving to work. So beautiful & powerful.

Thank you for sharing this Debbie! We love them too!

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