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Lockwood Thompson Dialogues

2013 Dialogue: Who We Are - Comedy, Tragedy, and Cleveland 2012 Dialogue - A Conversation About Food 2011 Dialogue: A Conversation with Filmmakers 2009 Dialogue: Civic Design and Inspired Infrastructure 2008 Dialogues: Packaging and Propaganda 2006 Dialogues: Cultural and Creative Migrations

About the Work

Lockwood Thompson Dialogues is a program created for the Cleveland Public Library by LAND studio. This annual series exposes the diverse Cleveland population to public discussions that are unrehearsed, unexplored, and provocative conversations on topics related to contemporary art, design, and culture. Each year’s topic is unique and formulated to be relevant to current events or topics of public interest and engagement.

How It Started

The dialogue series has been generously funded through an endowment fund set up by Lockwood Thompson, who was an avid art collector and trustee to the Cleveland Public Library. This program is a collaboration between the Library and LAND studio.

Other Facts

Past guests include:

Dan O'Shannon, Yvette Nicole Brown, Dave Hill, Michael Ruhlman, Penny De Los Santos, Dan Barber, Ted Hope, Lisa Cholodenko, Spike Jonze, Alex Washburn, Fred Salvucci, Robert Storr, and many more.


325 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114

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