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Kirtland Kite

About the Work

Renovation work done at the Cleveland Water Division’s Kirtland Pump Station generated funds, through the city’s Public Art Program, for public art associated with the improvements. Because the pump station, at East 49th Street and the South Marginal Road of the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, is not open to the public, it was decided the public art funds could best be deployed across 49th Street in Kirtland Park, a neighborhood park that includes previously existing artwork, a playground, and an amphitheater cut into the side of the bluff that runs parallel to the Lake Erie shoreline.

Kirtland Kite adds a colorful element to the park and calls attention to the fact that the park, prone to breeziness, is a good place to fly a kite. The 10-foot-tall kite is attached to a curved steel pole that brings the artwork’s overall height to nearly 25 feet. It overlooks the park from a blufftop perch and is visible to passersby on the Shoreway.

On a Saturday morning in September 2014, in anticipation of the sculpture’s installation, the Friends of Kirtland Park held a kite festival in the park. Refreshments were served, the wind was blowing, and the participating children and adults enjoyed several hours of kite-flying. The festival may become an annual event.

Neighbors and Public Art Committee members have reacted positively to Kirtland Kite, which was designed and fabricated by Signature Sign Company—a company based in the neighborhood. Installation took place in October 2014.

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Other Facts

This project was funded by the City of Cleveland’s Public Art Program, a percent-for-art program that requires that most major capital projects undertaken by the city set aside funds for public art. LAND studio administers the program on behalf of the city.


Kirkland Park - E. 49th and South Marginal Road
Cleveland, OH

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