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Jim Mahon Green March 10, 2015 - March 10, 2015

aerial view (2015) of Jim Mahon Green west view from Jim Mahon Green from the Bop Stop East view on Jim Mahon

About the Work

LAND studio, in partnership with Ohio City Inc. (OCI), is developing a plan for improvements to Jim Mahon Green, a narrow strip of City of Cleveland-owned parkland situated between Detroit Avenue and the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway in Ohio City. The 2.5-acre park is a popular place to view sunsets and the Fourth of July fireworks, and it commands spectacular views of the downtown skyline, Lake Erie, salt mines, and shipping.

Together with OCI, LAND studio has gathered feedback from community residents, neighborhood activists, and area businesses related to Jim Mahon Green site improvements. This process culminated in a community design charrette where numerous ideas related to park accessibility, safety, public art, connections to the neighborhood, and other topics emerged.

LAND studio is engaging a professional landscape architect to develop a conceptual plan for park improvements that responds to community feedback. The conceptual plan will be discussed with the neighborhood and used as a tool to promote the renovation of Jim Mahon Green. The plan for the park will recognize the importance of maintaining views from the park and protecting its trees, assuring that park users feel safe and comfortable while spending time there, improving access to the park, and enhancing it as a neighborhood and regional asset.


W.38th St. and Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113

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