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Gordon Square Arts District


About the Work

LAND studio and Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO) commissioned Cleveland artist Susie Frazier Mueller to collaborate with City Architecture on designs for integrating public art into the Detroit Avenue streetscape project between W. 61st and W.69th Sts. Frazier Mueller designed decorative paving areas, seating, and inlaid elements.

Transit shelters designed by Robert Maschke Architects were installed in April 2010. The new bus shelters were created as part of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s Transit Waiting Environments program. Local business owners have contributed to the scene by outfitting their storefronts with artistic, colorful signage.

LAND studio and DSCDO will pursue additional public art projects to complement the streetscape and related investments, which include a renovation of Cleveland Public Theatre and construction of a new building for Near West Theatre.

A highlight of the arts district will be a public plaza that connects Detroit Avenue with the new Near West Theatre. The plaza will serve as a gateway to the theater and an outdoor living room for the neighborhood. Programmed events such as film screenings and concerts will take place on the plaza.

How It Started

Neighborhood Progress, Inc., provided a $6,000 grant to include an artist in the project’s design team. As a result of this initial investment, more than $250,000 in artist-designed elements have made their way into project.


Detroit Ave., between W. 61st and W.69th
Cleveland, OH

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