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Garden Mirrors - Templin Bradley Building


About the Work

In 2013, LAND studio partnered with Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization to facilitate a public art process that would deliver an iconic public artwork to the vibrant Gordon Square Arts District and redeveloped Templin-Bradley Building.  The impetus for this public art opportunity was the redevelopment of the Templin-Bradley Building, a historic seed company, into a 30-unit affordable live/work space for Gordon Square artists and residents.  Together with Detroit Shoreway Community Development, LAND studio endeavored to build off of existing artist-designed streetscape elements along Detroit Avenue and create a gateway that not only serves Templin-Bradley tenants, but visitors and residents, entering the thriving Gordon Square Arts District.

Steve O'Hearn's Garden Mirrors have been installed on the front lawn of the building.  Of particular importance to the artist was capturing the affection Cleveland residents and visitors once had for the annual bulb garden showcased on the front lawn of Templin-Bradley.  Annually, the garden attracted thousands of spectators.  Garden Mirrors was designed to bring a revived Templin-Bradley garden to the street by reflecting it with an arrangement of security mirrors that have been sculpturally repurposed into a 22-foot tall arrangement, topped by a kinetic whirligig.

Creative Team

Steve O'Hearn -

Other Facts

In addition to its national and international reputation for quality seed production, Templin-Bradley contributed significantly to a culture of beautification, education and social goodwill.  Following World War II, the “Seeds for Europe” campaign emerged as a national initiative to send seeds to areas of Europe devastated by war so that Europeans could cultivate and grow food. The Templin-Bradley Co. supported this campaign on a local level by shouldering the work of packaging and shipping the seeds purchased with donations raised.

Templin-Bradley also sought to educate youth and families in gardening.  To that end, the company published “School Gardens – 1915,” a compilation of information on school gardens, children’s home gardens and junior clean-up work and “Better Gardens,” an in-depth reference guide on how to prepare soil, plant, cultivate, harvest, can and store yields of produce.  Both publications were made available at low or no cost to Templin-Bradley customers.  Additionally, Company President, Floyd Bradley, hosted a daily 10-minute “Radio Garden Club” from his private Templin-Bradley office, offering gardening advice to Cleveland listeners.


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