Euclid Beach State Park Redesign
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Euclid Beach State Park Redesign

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About the Work

The Euclid Beach State Park Redesign is an effort to turn the once popular lakefront amusement park and beach into a 21st Century greenspace. The project recognizes the sites significant history and aims to connect it with the surrounding community, improve lakefront access and update other park amenities. Northeast Shores Development Corporation and LAND studio have partnered to facilitate this design process and have retained the design firm MKSK with the goal of creating a compelling design for Euclid Beach State Park.  The design plans include attractive green spaces, gardens, renovated gateways, green parking, a bluff walk, beach, and an extended pier. MKSK is in the final stages of the design process. This project will be completed in several phases as funding allows.

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How It Started

This site has a storied history. Before it became Euclid Beach State Park, this location was the home of a lakefront amusement park, known as Euclid Beach Park. Euclid Beach Park opened in 1897 and successfully operated for many years until it was closed in 1969. The park sat vacant for years and re-opened as Euclid Beach State Park in 1977. Located in the Collinwood neighborhood, this park has several assets surrounding it, including Lakeshore Boulevard, Collinwood Rec Center, Humphrey Park, Nottingham Library, Wildwood Park, Villa Angela State Park and Wildwood Marina.  Better connecting all of these assets is essential to the redesign of the park and has been an important part of the study.

Other Facts

The surrounding neighborhood was recently selected as the winner of the CPAC’s Artist in Residence Pilot Program. This grant will help the neighborhood to capitalize on development and leverage investment towards specific projects such as the park redesign. Final designs are expected late fall 2012.

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