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Designing a Better Cleveland

About the Work

Designing a Better Cleveland, written by Steven Litt, art and architecture critic for the Plain Dealer, is a pocket-sized guide to urban design and how public spaces are created in the city. Published in partnership with the Cleveland Public Library and LAND studio, Designing a Better Cleveland shares sixteen fundamental principles for how great cities are designed, built and enjoyed.

Designing a Better Cleveland was made possible through the Lockwood Thompson Fund, a private endowment benefiting the Cleveland Public Library that encourages the exploration of issues related to contemporary arts and culture.

How It Started

Designed by local graphic design studio Rini Uva Lee, Designing a Better Cleveland is an outgrowth of a program called Civic Design & Inspired Infrastructure, which was held last year at the Cleveland Public Library through the annual series Spectrum: The Lockwood Thompson Dialogues. This program brought together Alex Washburn, chief urban designer in New York City and Fred Salvucci, MIT engineering professor and mastermind of Boston’s Big Dig project, with Steven Litt for a conversation on how cities can bring together form and function to ensure their future success.

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