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About the Work

Common Energy seeks to instill the Eastman Reading Garden and the downtown Cleveland community with a message of positivity, inclusivity, and love. In the midst of a volatile political climate, fraught with uncertainty within our country, it is crucial to practice tolerance, compassion, and positivity toward ourselves and toward each other. The design is based on Tibetan prayer wheels, cylindrical wheels inscribed with Buddhist mantras on the surface. Hundreds of thousands of mantras are also placed inside of the wheels. Interacting with the prayer wheels simply requires the act of spinning them in order to send their message out to the world.

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Lauren Herzak-Bauman has spent the last several years making large-scale installations that examine materiality and production using porcelain clay. The unifying theme throughout Lauren’s work is creating a transformative experience.

Creative Team

IMAX Industries -

Lauren Herzak-Bauman -

How It Started

See Also brings temporary works of art each summer to the Eastman Reading Garden at the Cleveland Public Library in downtown Cleveland. The program strives to initiate creative, innovative, and thought-provoking works of art that add to the Library’s broad range of cultural programming. The term “see also” refers to an idea in library cataloging, which essentially means “look here, but also look for these related terms that cover similar topics.” Connecting a wide range of topics and ideas to one another through artwork helps strengthen the Library’s dedication to providing information, programs, and materials that are interactive and engaging to the public. Using the term “see also” is a way of connecting people to the past in a forward-looking way.


325 Superior Avenue East
Cleveland, OH 44114

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