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Cold Front

Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski

About the Work

Cold Front is a permanent public artwork installed at the northern end of the pedestrian tunnel at West 76th Street connecting the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood to Edgewater Park on Lake Erie.  Mark Reigelman, the project's designer, was selected by a panel of stakeholders to implement Cold Front at this site. 

Cold Front drew inspiration from the mile-thick glaciers that melted and receded across the northern United States thousands of years ago, leaving behind them the formation of Lake Erie and the rest of the Great Lakes.  The artwork was intended to create an iconic landmark for the neighborhood and Cleveland’s lakefront, celebrating the region's unique natural history.  It was scaled to engage motorists passing by on the Shoreway and to be visible from Edgewater Park.  For pedestrians entering and leaving the tunnel, it has created a grand and whimsical experience that delivers a sense of arrival to Edgewater Park.

This project was made possible with support from Ward 15 Councilman Matt Zone, the City of Cleveland, and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.

Creative Team

Mark Reigelman II -

How It Started


W. 76th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102

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Mike Schumaker 6 years ago

Cold Front project looks nice, but it's a fraction of what was proposed to residents originally. I was at the initial community meetings and the proposal included metal panels to give 3-dimensional aspect along with the work coming all the way back up the tunnel into the Battery Park neighborhood. What we have now is essentially a design painted on the head wall. Residents should have been informed of the scope change rather than wait and find out after the fact

Thank you for the project feedback. While the original concept for the wall was to use cut-out sheets of aluminum, the project was always designed to be two-dimensional. The three-dimensionality of the glacier was always an illusion, both due to the size of the wall and the walkway and also the size of the budget. LAND studio, along with the artist and our project engineers priced out several different options using the cut aluminum sheets, but in the end, this was cost prohibitive. Our design team worked on many different options for how this project could be built before the concept of doing poured concrete with saw-cut joints was settled on. We apologize for any disappointment that you and the other residents feel about this project. Public art projects, like most large-scale projects of all kinds, always require compromise along the way. We worked very hard to maintain the original design intent of Cold Front, which is meant to reference the glaciers that formed the Great Lakes and provide a sense of arrival into the lakefront area around Edgewater. We really do appreciate that you took the time to send us a comment about this work.

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