Cleveland Public Library Eastman Reading Garden
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Cleveland Public Library Eastman Reading Garden

Cleveland Public Library Eastman Reading Garden Cleveland Public Library Eastman Reading Garden

About the Work

The Eastman Reading Garden is enclosed by a bronze gate, designed by sculptor Tom Otterness. The gate includes doors built out of letters and word fragments which piece together to form words and sentences. Tom Otterness also sculpted playful small bronze figures, which are scattered around the garden and adorning planters and window ledges of the 80-year-old main library building. They mischievously rearrange and steal letters from the gate. Continuing in the theme of words and meanings, Maya Lin created an L-shaped fountain and reflecting pool. The title, "Reading a Garden," can only be read correctly if seen as a reflection in the water. Tan Lin wrote the words and poems around the garden, encouraging visitors to create their own poems and meanings.

The artwork in the Eastman Reading Garden was completed through the generous support of the Cleveland Foundation and the Ohio Arts Council.

How It Started

LAND studio helped the Olin Partnership, a landscape architecture firm based in Philadelphia, redesign the Eastman Reading Garden as a part of a larger plan to integrate art into the Louis Stokes Building (east wing) and the original main library building.


Bronze, charcoal granite, text


325 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH

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