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Cleveland Cookbook

About the Work

LAND studio, in partnership with Cleveland Public Library and Agnes Studio, has produced a cookbook comprised of recipes from Clevelanders.

The Cookbook was created to highlight a focus on community, sharing, and the importance of food as it relates to culture and the history of Cleveland. The cookbook serves as a resource for cooking, a platform for storytelling, and as a way to connect Clevelanders across cultures and communities.

How It Started

The idea for this book came from the Cleveland Public Library 2012 Lockwood Thompson Dialogue in which the topic was FOOD. The speakers, Michael Ruhlman, Penny De Los Santos, and Dan Barber, raised topics such as the importance of cooking, sustainability, eating simply, rituals, and the social camaraderie associated with food. We wanted to extend the program by inviting Clevelanders to share their own Food Dialogue.

Other Facts

It was required that all recipes were made from scratch and had a meaningful and significant value to the partipant and to Cleveland. 

Selection Process
Each recipe was reviewed by a panel and a selected number were chosen for final publication.   
Own a Copy Today! 
We are grateful for all of the contributions! The Cleveland Public Library has announced the Food Talk Cook Book is now on sale for $10 in the Library's main branch gift shop in downtown Cleveland (325 E. Superior Avenue).

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325 Superior Ave. East
Cleveland, OH 44113

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