Bicentennial Bridge Lighting
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Bicentennial Bridge Lighting


About the Work

LAND studio, involved from the project’s inception, was charged with preservation of this installation as a permanent part of Cleveland's landscape.

Using modern lighting techniques, the bridges were bathed in flames, special effects, and colors meant to honor the city's industrial past and to celebrate its high-tech future.

How It Started

In a program initiated by Cleveland's Bicentennial Commission, eight bridges spanning the Cuyahoga River in the Flats were illuminated by Ross De Alessi Lighting Design in celebration of the city's 200th anniversary.



The Outcome

The many bridges spanning the Cuyahoga River are among the most defining visual elements in Cleveland's civic landscape. The illumination of the bridges elevated their visual prominence and celebrates Cleveland's long-standing tradition of innovation in design and engineering. Today, the bridges are one of the most photographed Cleveland landmarks.


Bicentenial Bridge
Cleveland, OH

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