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Baltic Park

About the Work

Since a design plan already existed, LAND studio had to add the art elements without major modifications to the site plan. Laila Voss and Jef Scharf met with neighborhood representatives to discuss the park’s uses and what the residents wanted to see. Workshops were held with neighborhood children and the theme “Sound Waves,” based on the overhead flight patterns to and from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, was developed through drawings and paintings with children.

The result was a visual representation of sound waves color-coded in a rubberized play area and basketball court. Natural seating created by earth mounds was also incorporated into the project, as were painted picnic tabletops and benches.

How It Started

In 1996, LAND studio, formerly Cleveland Public Art (then the Committee for Public Art) was asked to develop a public art component for Baltic Park in the Cudell neighborhood on Cleveland's west side.


colored concrete, playground rubber, and mixed media


Intersection of W. 110th St. and Baltic Ave.
Cleveland, OH

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