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Art and Soul of Buckeye Park

About the Work

LAND studio, Buckeye Shakere Square Development Corporation (formerly Buckeye Area Development Corporation), and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority collaborated to enhance the southwest corner of Buckeye Rd. and E. 118th St., rechristening The Art and Soul of Buckeye Park, in its ability to function as a park, festival ground, transit-waiting environment, and public parking lot.

Angelica Pozo of Cleveland and James Simon of Pittsburgh designed the park's permanent public artworks. Pozo's work consisted of mosaics that ran along a new concrete bench and included chessboards and hand-painted tiled seating areas. Simon's sculpture, a larger-than-life jazz musician playing a trumpet while being watched by a little dog, is the park’s eye-catching centerpiece.

Photographer Chip Carter, formerly of Cleveland, and muralist Francisca Ugalde of Hudson created two temporary murals for the building walls that face the park. Carter's mural, in the form of five large photographs, and Ugalde's hand- painted mural on wood panels with collage elements, were both inspired by the Buckeye Neighborhood.

The park’s redevelopment is a component of both Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation’s vision for the arts as a tool for neighborhood revitalization and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.’s Strategic Investment Initiative, which focused investment in six promising Cleveland neighborhoods, including Buckeye.

Creative Team

Angelica Pozo -

Chip Carter

Francisca Ugalde -

James Simon -


To view a video of the Art & Soul of Buckeye Park dedication, click here.

Public Artist, James Simon produced this video, showcasing the neighborhood impact of The Art & Soul of Buckeye Park.


Corner of E. 118th and Buckeye Rd.
Cleveland, OH

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