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AHA! Light Up Cleveland


About the Work

AHA! was a multi-day festival of lights celebrating the recent development boom and "illuminating" changes to our urban landscape. The event complemented the International Gay Games 9, also taking place in downtown Cleveland and Akron.

AHA! brought people together from across the region to illustrate what is possible in beloved public spaces through artist installations using light, video projections and live cultural participation events.

Featured artists included Yvette Mattern, Obscura Digital, Jenn Lewin, and Iván Juárez. In addition to their four separate installations, each night included a public participation event like yoga with
Believe in CLE, Pecha Kucha and a Glow Ride, enhancing the downtown atmosphere and enlivening the city.

AHA! was funded by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture as part of their Creative Culture Grant Program. 

For more information about this illuminating event, please visit the AHA! website at www.AHAcle.com!

Check out the AHA! teaser here! 

Creative Team

Ivan Juarez - http://www.x-studio.tv/

Jenn Lewin - http://jenlewinstudio.com/

Obscura Digital - http://obscuradigital.com/

Yvette Mattern - http://yvettemattern.com/


Click HERE to view a video, illustrating Jen Lewin Studio's pool installation.

And HERE for a link to a video of Obscura's "transformations" installation.


Downtown Cleveland
Cleveland, OH 44114

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