Park Programming Summer Intern

Park Programming Summer Intern
April 15, 2019

About this Opportunity

LAND studio seeks a summer staff person who is excited to enhance the urban environment through neighborhood and downtown programming. Working directly with Cleveland residents and program partners,the selected candidate would coordinate and implement a rigorous summer event calendar, dividing their time among different parks and projects, with emphasis on park programming and general project support asneeded.

·         facilitating and staffing events in multiple parks and public spaces throughout the City
·         building a calendar of events across multiple neighborhoods
·         supporting artists in project instruction
·         coordinating artists, musicians, entertainment, permitting, etc.
·         managing program vendors (audio visual, entertainment, etc.)
·         capturing demographic statistics and event photos
·         shopping for and delivering materials to events
·         providing marketing support
·         maintaining summer programming blog
·         organization/categorization of project materials
·         attendance at related meetings
·         daily communication with project leadership
Desired Characteristics
·         team-player
·         detaiI oriented
·         enjoys working closely with a variety of people (artists, business owners, government, area residents)
·         friendly
·         multi-tasker
·         excel lent communication skiIls (verbal and written)
·         flexible, open-minded
·         willingness to learn
·         self starter
·         ability to work independently as well as in a group
·         ability to handle physical nature of event presentation (set-up assistance, moving of materials, etc.)
·         kid, people, and dog-friendly
·         access to transportation is essential
Are nontraditional and will vary according to summer programming schedule. Flexibility is critical, as events occur during both daytime and evening hours and occasional weekends. The position is and seasonal, with an anticipated May start and August completion.
Employer's Mission
LAND studio's mission is to create places and connect people through public art, sustainable building and design, collaborative planning and dynamic programming. Please visit our website and summer programming blog for more information at and .
Neighborhood Park Programming
LAND studio believes that in order to have a functioning, appealing neighborhood you must have active, quality greenspaces that encourage community growth and involvement. For 20+ years, LAND studio has provided arts and other recreational activities in parks and public spaces to thousands of underserved youth. Our summer arts program was created to deliver enriching experiences, through a variety of hands-on projects and events with activities including dance, drumming, soccer, painting, and more. Our service areas include parks in some of Cleveland's most challenged communities, where residents do not otherwise have access to quality arts education and summer programming.
Please submit a resume and letter of interest to no later than April 15, 2019.

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