March 29, 2019

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The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) is constructing $3B worth of new infrastructure over the next twenty plus years, with the goal of reducing sewage and dangerous runoff from entering Lake Erie. This program, called Project Clean Lake, is comprised of a series of projects throughout NEORSD’s service area, comprised of 60 communities and over one million residents. Project Clean Lake projects are large and take several years to complete, but will result in a significant decrease in the amount of sewage and other storm-related contaminants polluting Lake Erie—ultimately resulting in a cleaner, safer, more sustainable, and more beautiful lake, streams, and beaches.
Throughout their construction and once completed, these project sites create opportunities for artists to connect with Project Clean Lake’s mission of environmental stewardship in public locations. NEORSD is interested in: 
·         Creative treatments of construction sites/construction fencing;
·         Promoting a better public understanding of NEORSD’s sustainability efforts and environmental impact;
·         Creating public open spaces; and
·         Beautifying project locations both now and in the future
To these ends, NEORSD has partnered with LAND studio (LAND) and the Trust for Public Land (TPL) to provide opportunities for artists and designers to create new works of public art that respond to NEORSD’s environmental goals, beautify construction sites, create amenities when construction is completed, and provide information to residents, ratepayers, and others.
Because NEORSD is working on a number of projects across its service area, the depth and scope of these public art projects are anticipated to vary, depending on location, visibility, accessibility, and other factors.
NEORSD anticipates completing several public art projects each year. Project timelines, adjacent stakeholders, and physical landscape are among some of the many variables that will be different for each project.
In order to make artist selection efficient—both for NEORSD and for artists interested in being considered for these projects—LAND and TPL are administering a Call for Artists that is seeking artists who work in any medium to submit their portfolios and an artist statement.
Artists need only to submit to this Call for Artists one time and can be considered by NEORSD for future projects for the next several years. If an artist is selected as a candidate for a specific project, LAND or TPL staff will contact the artist to share information regarding timeline, budget, and
project goals. Artists will maintain the right to accept to participate in a particular project or not based on their availability and interest; participation in one project does not preclude participation in a future project.


This competition is open to all qualified artists/designers or teams above the age of 18.

Submission Requirements and Selection Process
Artists, designers, and teams are asked to submit a digital portfolio of work samples. Links to websites will also be accepted, so long as contact information is clear in the submission.
In addition to submitting a digital portfolio, individuals or teams submitting proposals must include a statement of interest, in which they share why they are interested in participating in creating artwork for Project Clean Lake.
It is expected that for all upcoming projects, potential artists would be contacted by LAND or TPL staff. Site visits, budgets, expected community outreach, and other project-specific information will be shared with artists on a project-by-project basis.
Confirmation of submissions will be sent by LAND to all artists who share materials. Artists will be notified separately if they are being considered for a future art project within this program.
NEORSD, LAND, and TPL reserve the rights to waive submission requirements, to change this application process if necessary, not move forward with any applicants, delay or cancel the installation of any project, and or other unforeseen circumstances. An application for this project is not considered an application for any future projects with LAND, TPL, NEORSD, or other agencies beyond Project Clean Lake.

Submission Requirements
To be considered for this project, artists/designers/teams must submit their materials to by 5:00pm EST on March 29, 2019. Questions regarding the application process can be directed to Joel Wimbiscus at the email address above or by calling 216-621-5413 x114.


NEORSD Messages
Artists who are interested in participating in public art projects related to Project Clean Lake should consider the following messages from NEORSD when creating concepts for future projects.
Everything flows downhill to Lake Erie.
·         NEORSD construction projects like this capture and keep millions of gallons of rain water out of the sewer system, reducing sewer overflows (pollution)
·         Good clean-water stewardship: we all play a role in keeping our Great Lake great (no dumping or littering)
·         The “WOW” factor: how this project does what it does (i.e. the science behind it)
·         Discovering the stream systems that run throughout our city


Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer DistrictTrust for Public Land

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