CALL FOR ARTISTS - Forum Public Art Installation
February 25, 2019

About this Opportunity

LAND studio and Soulcraft Cleveland, with the generous support of the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation, are requesting qualifications from local artists interested in leading teams of 12 participants to design and create an art-covered ceiling for “Forum,” a public art installation by Studio Weave. The ceiling will be created using marquetry, the art of making images from pieces of thin veneer placed together to form patterns, designs, and pictures. 

Eight lead artists will learn marquetry at Soulcraft’s woodshop, participate in planning and discussions with other artists and the project’s design team, and facilitate groups that will create Forum’s ceiling.

Forum is a project of LAND studio’s Landform program, which has been made possible by the Fowler Foundation. Landform’s purpose is to produce public artworks to enhance the public spaces of downtown Cleveland, including Public Square, the Mall, and the immediate surrounding area. 

The program draws on the talents of both local artists and artists from other places. Landform projects to date have included Olalekan Jeyifous’s “Protest,” Julia Christensen’s “Waiting for a Break,” and the colorful animal sculptures of the Cracking Art Group.

Forum, a public art project by Studio Weave

The project, “Forum,” will consist of a pavilion designed by Studio Weave, a London-based art and architecture firm. 

In keeping with Studio Weave’s other work around the world, Forum will employ a colorful and unusual take on a building type that is commonly found in public parks. What will possibly be Forum’s most distinguishing feature will be its wooden ceiling that will consist of multiple arches covered in 
artist-designed marquetry. “Home” and its many meanings will be the underlying—or, more accurately, overarching—theme of the ceiling artworks.


Submission requirements
Interested artists should provide the following information through the online application available here.

• Name, contact information, primary medium, neighborhood, and optional demographic information.

• Link to an example or portfolio of the artist’s
work—large-scale work, if available.
• Written response or short video with answers to
these questions:
o Why do you want to participate?
o What experience or interest do you have in
facilitating the development of artworks
with community participants or teaching skills
to others who are working along with you?
o Though an artist’s primary medium does
not have to be in the visual arts, there is a
large drawing component to the work. Please
describe your drawing ability and experience.
o What is your experience in collaborating
with other artists?
o This is a large-scale public art project with
several moving parts, including construction
timelines, community partners, and other
components. Can you commit to completing
two artist workshops and ten team sessions
between March and June 2019? 


Applications Due: Monday, February 25, 2019
at 5:00 p.m. All materials are to be submitted
throught the online application here.

Selection Committee

Selection process
An advisory group made up of community members, other artists, and project partners has been established to assist with the selection of artists.

This group will make artist-selection recommendations to Soulcraft, LAND studio, and Studio Weave. Artists will by notified of selection by March 1st.


The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation

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