DEADLINE JULY 19TH - The CLE Flag Project is proud to announce its call for submissions to artists, designers, students, and all community members to participate in shaping the future identity of Cleveland through the design of a new city flag.

The CLE Flag Project, a grassroots group of volunteer’s mission is to introduce a new city flag that embodies Cleveland’s spirit of progress and prosperity, while celebrating the diversity and inclusivity of its community. We believe that creating a symbol that resonates with all members of the community will further inspire pride, foster unity and cultivate a shared sense of belonging as Cleveland continues to evolve and thrive.


• Call for submissions are open to everyone in Cleveland and surrounding area, regardless of age or background.

• Students are encouraged to participate.

• The three final designs will be awarded $1000, with the grand prize winner getting an additional $2000, totaling $3000.

• Submission deadline: Friday, July 19, 2024; 11:59 pm

You can find more information on flag design and how to submit at


Before you submit your design, please review and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • This contest aims to engage the community in shaping the identity of Cleveland. Your submission contributes to this collective public effort.

  • The city flag represents the identity and values of our community. Your submission serves the public good and may contribute to the city’s visual identity.

  • Participation in this contest is completely voluntary. By submitting a design/artwork, you acknowledge that there is no guarantee of compensation.

  • Finalists selected by the Flag Selection Committee and its Advisory Panel will receive acknowledgment, exposure, and compensation. Submitted designs may be randomly selected for social media features, with the permission of the artist/designer.

  • The top three finalists will be awarded $1,000 each, with the winner receiving an additional $2,000. Compensation is subject to potential increase based on available budget, but will not fall below the stated amounts.

  • Ownership rights to all submissions will be retained by the original creator. Upon the new flag's adoption into city law, ownership will be jointly determined by the creator of the winning design and the City of Cleveland. The Cleveland Flag Project relinquishes all ownership rights to design submissions as part of this process.

  • By submitting a design, you grant the Cleveland Flag Project the right to use, modify, and reproduce your design for public display during the project.

  • All designs submitted must be original works created by the participant. Participants must ensure that their designs do not contain any copyrighted material or trademarks belonging to third parties. Plagiarism or infringement of intellectual property rights will result in disqualification.

  • By submitting a design, participants certify that they have obtained any necessary permissions or licenses for elements used in their design that are not their original creations. Any such infringement will lead to immediate disqualification.

  • The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in any form is strictly prohibited. Any submissions found in violation of this rule will be disqualified.

  • The selection process for winning designs will be transparent and fair, guided by the Advisory Panel made up of design experts.

  • The Cleveland Flag Project is organized by unpaid volunteers, and budgets for such projects may be limited. Any remaining funds at the end of the project will be donated to local non-profit organizations.

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