Artists (or teams) are invited to submit their qualifications to create a mural that will be displayed on the exterior of a building owned by Providence House.

Local artists and teams of artists are invited to submit their qualifications to produce artwork that will be displayed on exterior wall of neighborhood building owned and operated by Providence House, a nonprofit Family Preservation Crisis Nursery.

The location is 11801 Buckeye Road, commonly known as the Weizer Building. It is a registered historic landmark in the Buckeye-Shaker Community along a major thoroughfare and centered in a larger $60+ million neighborhood revitalization zone. The vision for this project is for a child/family themed signature mural art work of exceptional quality in a prominent public space to enhance this unique building, reflect the resilience of this community, and embrace the hope and joy we offer to our children and families in overcoming their challenges.

Artists from a wide range of disciplines are encouraged to submit and teams are welcomed. Previous public art experience is not required but is preferred.

Organizational Background
Providence House is Ohio’s first and one of the nation’s largest and longest operating Crisis Nurseries. We have been dedicated to keeping our community’s children safe and their families together for over 40 years. Providence House provides emergency shelter to children newborn through 12 years old whose families are experiencing crises which can increase risks for abuse, neglect, or foster care placement of their children. We offer free, voluntary (non-custodial) 24/7 loving care for children in a licensed, trauma-informed setting for up to 90 days while working intensively with their parents/ guardians to resolve crises such as homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, and lack of basic resources or employment so that their children can safely return home. Last year, 100% of families using our service successfully reunited with their children.

The need for our services, currently offered on our West Side Campus in Ohio City, has quadrupled in the past five years leaving over 400 children each year unserved or waitlisted. 70% of these children live in east side zip codes throughout Buckeye and surrounding neighborhoods. This has prompted us to expand our Family Preservation Crisis Nursery program to the east side. We have purchased and renovated the Weizer Building at East 118th and Buckeye and have begun construction of a 20-bed children’s residential wing in the spring of 2022 which will serve nearly 300 children and their families annually.

Project Intent
This site-specific art work / artist(s) should:
1. Enhance the back side of the building, (located at the corner of 118th and Buckeye and visible from 118th Street) with a distinctive aesthetic experience both highly visible and welcoming to residents, pedestrians, those traveling by in passenger vehicles and the children staying at the Crisis Nursery who will see it from their playground space.
2. Highlight the importance of the site as a Family Preservation Crisis Nursery supporting families who love their children and are successfully overcoming challenges to thrive, while also providing a unified identity for the organization and the neighborhood.
3. Create a signature presence for the building. This can be whimsical and/or colorful; incorporate an image or feeling, reflect on the natural environment, or highlight the important work of Providence House in keeping kids safe and families together.
4. Be original art work of the artist(s).
5. Provide excitement, interest, and unity for the community.
6. Celebrate the community’s rich heritage and the resilience of families.

Technical specification
1. The mural will be painted directly on brick.
2. The mural will be subject to sun and prevailing wind and rain.
3. Artist must demonstrate technical understanding of appropriate materials for durability and longevity.
4. Consider site limitations. Ground space on the site is limited and will require the selected artist(s) to consider the site’s limitations and equipment needed to access the art element(s) placement as noted in measurements on architect’s exterior elevations (below) which may include ladders and scaffolding.

1. Artist to propose installation method and schedule for coordination.
2. The mural budget must include cost of installation.

Community Outreach and Engagement
1. The artist will engage the community in the design process. This includes meetings with stakeholders which will inform the design.
2. Engagements include pre-design meetings with clients and staff for conceptual input, as well as presentation meetings which may include the Providence House Board of Directors, donors, city officials, and neighborhood representatives.
3. The mural is subject to review and approval by the City of Cleveland for conformance with land use code and permit conditions.

Advance Notice of Contract Terms to Be Negotiated

1. Warranty and maintenance period
2. Payment milestones
3. Copyright and Image Use: Providence House intends to reserve the right to the finished image and use of images
4. “End of Use” Agreement

Artist Process

Up to five (5) artists and/or artist teams will be selected by a Mural Selection Committee from the qualified RFQ applicants. Each selected finalist will be paid a stipend of $1,000 to produce a conceptual design for the mural. The selection committee will review all materials properly submitted.

The selected finalists are expected to detail a plan for community engagement and participation ensuring that the conceptual process and creation of artwork are reflective of public community input.

Selection Committee Members:

• Providence House Staff and/or Board of Directors
• Providence House Client(s)
• Architect
• Construction Manger
• Member(s) of the arts community
• Residents, Merchants and/or members at-large of the neighborhood

Additional members may be added at the sole discretion of Providence House.

The selection Committee will provide as much information and access to the project team as possible to assist with the artist’s research while developing their proposal.

A stipend of $1,000 will be offered to the selected finalists to assist with costs associated with travel and development of the proposal. This stipend will be applied toward the commission amount for the artist(s) awarded the commission.

This request in no way obligates the artist to enter into a relationship with Providence House nor does this request obligate Providence House to enter into a relationship with any responders.

In its sole discretion, PH may pursue discussions with one or more artist, or none at all.
Providence House further reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel this request or modify the selection schedule at any time for any reason.

All costs associated with responding to this request will solely at the responder’s expense unless otherwise noted.

Monday, August 22, 2022 at 5:00pm EST
RFQ-Materials and Documents Required for submission by 5:00 PM EST. Please reach out to Michelle Walsh for secure Drop Box link prior to deadline at

Please review the attached pdf document below for full timeline and detailed submission requirements.

This call is open to all qualified artists or teams thereof, 18 and older, living or working in the Buckeye- Shaker, Larchmere, Woodland Hills and Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods.


As a result of the RFQ process, artists and/or artist groups that are selected as finalists will be paid a stipend of $1,000 to produce a conceptual design for the mural. The artist(s) whose designs are chosen for final implementation will be paid an additional artist fee, which will cover their services during the design-development, installation, materials, and later phases of the project.

The selection will include a review of the budget for competitiveness and understanding of the project components.




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