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LAND studio's mission is to create places and connect people through public art, sustainable building and design, collaborative planning, and dynamic programming.

Our vision is to make Cleveland a city filled with vibrant, textured places that unite, inspire, and enrich its people.

Leading Thoughtful Design

We develop innovative ideas through objective, inclusive public conversations and planning efforts

  • Assemble and lead teams of local, national and international experts
  • Organize, convene, and oversee grassroots efforts to engage stakeholders and build consensus
  • Incorporate sustainable features, such as green infrastructure, renewable energy, and pedestrian-friendly urban design, and overseeing green certification of neighborhoods and buildings
  • Integrate stakeholder concerns into design process and address them within final product
  • Connect the public, government, and design teams

Creating Vibrant Places

We improve Cleveland's neighborhoods through public art, sustainable building, and dynamic programming

  • Design, build, and maintain vibrant neighborhoods, art installations, parks, playgrounds, greenspaces, and public places
  • Program places with free educational, arts, and cultural events
  • Spur economic investment, development, and growth
  • Increase surrounding property values

Promoting Public Spaces

We advocate, fundraise, educate, and provide resources to help create vibrant, textured places

  • Advocate with developers and public officials to incorporate the highest level of public space design into all projects
  • Market green neighborhoods that have achieved high levels of sustainability
  • Build and leverage relationships
  • Serve as steward for projects by transcending politics and personal agendas
  • Fundraise for projects and fill gaps in resources
Shaker Square

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Shaker Square

Shaker Square is nationally known as a model for transit-oriented development. Built in the late 1920s...

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October 03, 2018

Sam3's "Walking on Water" mural on Cleveland water tower to be completed this month

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INTER|URBAN 2019 - Kristin Texeira and Lynnea Holland-Weiss
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