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Public Square Redesign

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About the Work

Public Square is a 10-acre area at the center of downtown Cleveland. This historic civic space is divided into four quadrants by a network of roadways that make it unsafe, uninviting, and rarely used as an attractive gathering space. The redesign of Public Square has the ability to tranform the landscape and connections in downtown Cleveland.

The main purpose of the reconstruction is to make Public Square a more attractive and welcoming space for families, workers and passers-by. The project’s designers intend for Public Square to become a more pedestrian friendly and unified space. The four individual quadrants will be unified through common features and themes. New features and activities within each quadrant are intended to help make Public Square a downtown attraction year-round.

Creative Team

Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative -

James Corner Field Operations -

Nelson Nygaard -

How It Started

Approximately 125,000 people work within a 5 minute walk of Public Square. Tower City is the central hub for the Rapid and Public Square is a central hub for RTA buses.

Most downtown car commuters travel through Public Square. Many people walk across the Square on their way to work, to a restaurant for lunch, or to run an errand. However, few people actually stop and spend time in the Square. The streets which separate the four quadrants make it difficult for pedestrians to move from one quadrant to the other. Additionally, the Square’s landscaping blocks the view from the road which makes some people feel isolated and unsafe.

The Outcome

We are aggressively engaging in discussion with the finance committee of the Greater Cleveland Partnership and the Group Plan Commission to identify innovative funding sources in order to achieve the Public Square redesign.  James Corner Field Operations, the designer chosen for the project, continues to be involved and committed to making the redesign plans a reality.

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Euclid, Ontario, & Superior
Downtown Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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Bryan Tobias 1 year ago

I think this is incredible. I think a mix between web and forest would be perfect. :) I think that it should be easy to utilize all of the four squares without having to cross the busy street that separates them.

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